Practice Areas


Fraud Investigations:

Forensic Accounting

Financial Fraud Investigations


Alter Ego Analysis

Securities Fraud

Money Laundering

Trial Preparation

Independent Expert Testimony

Economic Damage Analysis:

Lost Profits

Business Interruption

Lost Wages Claims

Environmental Damages

Infringement Damages

Bankruptcy & Reorganizations:

Bankruptcy Fraud

Adversary Proceedings

Fraudulent Transfer Analysis

Independent Receiver / Trustee / Expert Witness

Corporate / Partnership Disputes:

Shareholder / Partner / Employee Dishonesty

Independent Board of Director & Audit Committee investigations

Labor & Employment:

Damage Analysis in FLSA and Wage and Hour Cases

Wrongful Termination Damage Analysis

Employee/Shareholder Embezzlement

Independent Expert Testimony

Construction Disputes:

Construction Fraud

Delay & Disruption Analysis

Construction Cost Audits

Post Acquisition Disputes:

Serve as Independent Disputes Auditor for Purchase Price Adjustments

Serve as Contractual Arbitrator in Post Acquisition Disputes

Environmental Claims:

Economic Benefit of Non-Compliance

Lost Profits from Spills or Dumping

Independent Ability To Pay Analysis

    (Fines & Penalties)

Criminal Investigation Assistance

    (Plaintiff and Defendant)

Business Valuation: 

Shareholder agreements

S corporation conversions

Dissenting Stockholder disputes

Eminent Domain Loss of Good Will Valuations

Business planning

Liquidations and bankruptcy

Mediation & Arbitration Experience:

BDRP Panelist (Bankruptcy)

Bar Association of San Francisco Arbitrator /    Mediator

Post Acquisition Disputes Arbitrator

Independent Contractual Arbitrator / Mediator