Julie Armer


Professional Experience

Ms. Armer is a Behavioral Psychologist specializing in:

  1. •  Psychological Profiling

  2. •  Fraudulent Behavior Patterns

  3. •  Interview Techniques of Targets and Persons of Interest

  4. •  The Psychology of Fraud and Rationalization

  5. •  Statistical Analysis of Behavior Patterns

  6. •  Questionnaire Development for Internal Fraud Investigations

  7. •  Psycho-social Assessment and Group Think Analysis in Business Enterprises

Ms. Armer received her BA in Liberal Studies at Drew University and her Master’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology at University of San Francisco.  Ms. Armer also holds a LMFT credential. 


Julie Armer, MA is a Senior Behavioral

Research Analyst and Psychologist

in the San Francisco Office of

Forensic Solutions, LLC.

T: 415-671-7346

F: 415-671-7347

E-MAIL:  JArmer@ForensicSolutionsLLC.com